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We can manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns as well as research the most cost-effective keywords to provide you with the greatest return on your per click advertising search engine marketing moseley birmingham

Every good marketing plan includes advertising. Your internet marketing strategy is no different. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of promoting your website to increase visibility of your site in the search engine results pages as well as on other websites via contextual advertising. The heart of SEM is the Pay Per Click model which is basically a way for an advertiser to bid on keywords that are relevant to them so when a user types those keywords into a search or they visit a sit that has contextual advertising, their ad shows up to drive visitors to their site.

The more relevant and targeted the advertising is to your target audience, the higher your conversion rate and return on investment is. The fact is, for most businesses on the web, advertising doesn’t get more relevant or targeted than with Pay Per Click. You can literally hone in on the customer that is looking for exactly what you have to offer.

The truth about PPC is, however, that it can be confusing and very time consuming. How effectively your money is spent is dependent on how well your keywords, negative keywords, ad groups and ad content matches up with your offerings (don’t worry, if you don’t know what all of these terms mean and how to improve them… you are in the right place).

We can create well thought out, well executed PPC campaigns and we can help your business take advantage of this incredibly powerful tool.

Available for ALL major search engines

Google, Bing & Yahoo

Fully managed service

Geographic targeting

Track the results

Get found instantly

effectively advertise online without wasting your budget

Our Pay-Per-Click offering has a firm focus on delivering more conversions for less spend. We do this by applying simple principles to your campaign using page relevance, ad quality and keyword optimisation.

Pay Per Click in Moseley, Birmingham

The great thing about PPC is that when it’s done right it’s a great way to instantly generate traffic to your website, this is especially important for new websites. The more customers we can initially drive to your website, the more likely you are to develop some long-term customers from that initial burst. Using PPC along with SEO for a new website is a great way to get instant business while your website is improving in search engine results.

Pay Per Click advertising for your website

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising involves setting up strategic adverts to run on search engines and other relevant websites that your potential customers are most likely to visit. You maximise your advertising budget by aiming your message at those you know are most likely turn into paying customers.


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